Don't be afraid to carry a little extra weight...on your shoulders!

As I weighed a 40 lb. box of cucumbers and a 50 lb. sack of potatoes, I realized, at the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, most things are recorded and distributed by weight.  This week I volunteered at a “distribution shop through” at the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

I had previously volunteered on a food sorting day, sorting 9,354 lbs. of meat one afternoon to be distributed to individuals and families in need.  However, this week was different.  The “distribution shop through” is when other agencies and organization from around Columbus come to gather food for their communities.  I didn’t know the food bank was the primary resource for not only individuals but also numerous organizations.  From large organizations to small churches, the food bank helps these groups carry out their missions. 

It was amazing the amount of fresh food that was available, 40 lb. boxes of peaches, hundreds of rutabagas and pallet of tomatoes.  These organizations picked out their items as they would for themselves, choosing the freshest ingredients or looking for items they know their patrons love. 

A staff member walked through the well-oiled warehouse giving a tour to a possible new food sourcing company in Columbus.  Many organizations help supply the food bank with these amazing selections. 

It was easy to see when everyone pitches in; the weight isn’t all on the shoulders of one person.  Donate, volunteer or find a way to get involved and carry a little extra weight.  It really helps when we all work together.  I’d love to hear how you help your community, email me!

Posted on October 2, 2014 and filed under #50CharityChallenge.