Where do sick boats go?


The group laughed as our new friend, Glenn, smiled from ear to ear.  This past week we went on a kayaking trip with the Environmental Traveling Companions (E.T.C.) in San Francisco.  This group “opens the beauty and challenge of the great outdoors to people with disabilities and disadvantaged youth”. 

It was an inspiring group of people.  From the participants to guides, you knew this was a unique group.  Our friend Blake had just been trained as a guide for this organization and invited us along.

If you know me, you know, I always get extremely nervous doing something for the first time and this was no exception, but as an able-bodied individual, I couldn’t help but feel a little silly in my fear.  I watched the guides help load the participants who couldn’t load themselves and reassure everyone that they would get us to the island safe and sound. 

As we paddled out to sea, we became one cohesive unit.  From the participants with disabilities, to the big dreamers and the scaredy cats, we all became one cluster as we paddled along the shore.  People along the shore took our pictures and frantically waved excited to see us coast by. 

We landed on a small island, eating our lunch and chatting with the group.  It was a beautiful day and for many more reasons that just the weather.  You could see the exhilaration in the eyes of the participants, the joy this brought to the guides and

I felt so lucky to be part of such a unique experience.

We made it back to the shore and formed a circle. We were asked to share our “Kodiak Moment”.  There were so many…including Glenn’s joke! Life is full of “Kodiak Moments,” just make sure you pause to capture them. 

I’d love to hear one of yours.  Email me, jill@valueaddedmarketing.net

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Posted on October 23, 2014 and filed under #50CharityChallenge.