Don't Forget to put the "Merry" in Christmas!

“Always wish them a Merry Christmas, as you hand them their receipt!” said my lead trainer at the Christmas Tree Sale.   For years the St Mary’s church a few blocks from my house has an annual Christmas tree sale.  It’s become a tradition for my husband and I to walk down and pick out the perfect tree.   I look and look until I find just the right one.  (I always think it’s going to be too small… and then it fills half our living room.)

This year I volunteered to help at the tree sale.  Warming my hands over the fire pit as people searched for just the right tree.  There was a gal with the cutest dog, decked out in a Santa suit (didn’t even know they made Santa suits for dogs) couples browsing with their coffee and hot chocolate and families with bundled up children running around trying to decide together.

Once people found just the right one, my fellow volunteers raced to their aid, untying the tree from the stake, trimming the bottom, netting the tree and securing it to top of the car (no one wants their tree finding a home on the highway).  I would collect their money and of course, wish them a Merry Christmas. (Yes, my job collecting was much easier). 

It was a fun evening and the time flew by.  That’s the thing….volunteering doesn’t always have to take a lot of time.  After realizing they needed some more help, I signed up that afternoon and instead of watching T.V. or doing a little extra work, I was able to help out the church and enjoy others creating experiences with their loved ones during the holiday season.

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In closing I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Posted on December 23, 2014 and filed under #50CharityChallenge.