It Takes an Army

If you live in Columbus and don’t know about the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon, you are seriously missing out.  For those of us that have heard about it, you may not know that much.  You know it closes down a good chunk of the city, you know it’s impossible to get around or find your way to the highway but if you ever make your way to the finish line you’ll know it’s THE BEST RACE IN COLUMBUS. 

As sponsored by Nationwide Children’s Hospital the race feature 24 Patient Champions.  Children whose stories are incredibly inspirational and who appear on the mile the day of the race, encouraging runners and I can only assume feeling the love right back.  There’s an Angel mile, as their website puts it, “to honor, remember, and celebrate those who have already finished their race…” followed up by an Encore Mile of Champions from the past. 

 My husband has run the half marathon many times, stating it was “one of the best experiences of his life.”  This year he decided to tackle the full.  Yep, 26.2 miles!  

Wanting to get involved I opted for the “t-shirt distribution station,” much less training required.  You would think a t-shirt distribution station at packet-pick-up would be a boring job, no sir!  The packet and t-shirt pick up is at the Columbus Convention Center.  This place is pulsing with energy the minute you walk through the doors.  It is absolutely great! I worked with a ton of other volunteers handing out t-shirts to the excited participants.  There were veterans runners who talked about beating their best time, some talked about training injuries.  Some first-time runners documented their entire journey.  I took their picture while they picked up their packet and tees. 

 It was an amazing afternoon.  My husband did finish the full, but has vowed to go back to the half next year.

 This event is fueled by over 3,000 volunteers!  It really does take an army and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of it. 

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Posted on December 4, 2014 and filed under #50CharityChallenge.