Santa's Elves are Hard at Work

The little red wagon is a classic American toy.  It invokes nostalgia in young and old alike. Think back….everyone has to a memory with their Radio Flyer.  This is one of the many reasons, I believe, the nonprofit Wagons Ho Ho Ho is so successful. 

I spent Saturday morning with this fantastic charity who is building 800 wagons, filling them with food and delivering them to families in need.  As they put it “Every Child Deserves a Christmas.”

I arrived a bit before 8a.m. As I waited for “training” I chatted with others who had helped the year before.  They graciously let me join their “team” which brought us to a group of four….from my experience, I now know this is the perfect number for ultimate wagon building.

As we walked into the building area, which I can only assume was a replica of Santa’s workshop, the energy was undeniable.  We found our workbench and a lead volunteer came over to give us tips on wagon building.  I’ll have to admit the first wagon was tough….it took us about 20 minutes.  I started to wonder how on earth the charity was going to fulfill their 800 wagon promise.  My team assured me we would get into a rhythm….and we did.  As the DJ played great jams, we danced and chatted and knocked out a new wagon every 5-8 minutes.

By the end of my 3-hour shift the morning group had built 250 wagons, Wagons Ho Ho Ho was well on their way to the goal. I left with a smile on my face and a picture to remember my experience (yep, they printed off pictures for us to take home, an amazing touch, this group thinks of everything). 

These wagons were built with love and I can only assume that is the felt when they are delivered.  Tweetable Tip: This charity is one to watch, or better yet get involved with, you won’t be sorry!

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Posted on December 9, 2014 and filed under #50CharityChallenge.