Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Before the holiday I spent the day with Brady!  He is a “Future Star” and excellent tennis buddy.  I signed up for this day of fun through the organization Besa, which I’ll highlight in an upcoming blog as well. 

The Buddy Up Tennis, Fitness and Fun Clinic is an amazing organization here in Columbus (with many other locations and quickly expanding) for individuals with Down Syndrome.  As a first time volunteer with this organization I started the day with a training session.  Beth Gibson, the Director educated us on Down Syndrome, the program and how we could best benefit the participants.  This was a fantastic training, it really helped us understand the mission, her passion and drive are undeniable.  I found her to be quite inspiring. Then the fun began….

I was matched with a gentlemen by the name of Brady; actually we were a three person team. Brady, another volunteer named Tamara and myself set out to learn the fundamentals of tennis.  Thankfully, no experience was required as I am definitely a novice.  This was a full 90 minute clinic. We started with warm ups and coordination drills.  There was a balance beam and obstacle course.  We worked on our swing and even our backhand.  

At the Buddy Up organization everyone is a star.  There are future stars, rising stars, mighty stars, shining stars, shooting stars, super stars and the most well known Olympic Stars! Whatever their star, these kids shined bright! 

What was more contagious than the smiles was the energy.  From Beth to Brady and all participants to the volunteers and parents this club was pulsing with energy.  This was not a volunteer experience where I was checking my watch and trying to find something to do to fill my time.  As the minutes flew by, we were movin!  This organization needs good, positive, energetic volunteers.  I was wiped out when it was over.  In a great - “exhausted by success” kind of way, “laying victorious on the field”…or the court; you get what I mean! 

The Director’s son Will was the first participant and inspiration for the organization. 
If only we all acted on our inspiration….what a world that would be!   Tweet this!

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Posted on January 19, 2015 and filed under #50CharityChallenge.